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Ever dreamed about executing an impactful event for your business/brand? You want others to experience your vision, so you’ve probably thought of every option possible for planning the event and getting people in the door… right? Before we can plan an event, we want to make sure we design it with care. Developing an event idea thoroughly will help prevent event planning that seems like rocket science. In fact, event design can be fun, efficient, and exciting… well at least with me as your instructor.

This third event will examine the intersection of event design and influence.

D.R.E.A.M: Event Design is a 360-holistic approach to the process of creating an event idea that converts and sets your brand up for measurable and intentional success. Consider it the prerequisite to your event strategy.  

Wednesday, March 22nd 7PM EST

Here's what you'll learn:

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Importance of spirituality in events

We’ll explore the how events and spirituality are interconnected and where points of overlap lie.

You’ll also receive a worksheet that covers the 5-step framework I use for event design.

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event hierarchy of needs

Learn our diagram covering our framework for the “event hierarchy of needs.”

Complete an activity to construct your own event hierarchy based on your D.R.E.A.M. Event Idea.

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IMpact mapping

Engage with a live demonstration of impact-mapping and discover how you can utilize this tool to create a visual of how your event goals and execution will impact not only your brand, but the environment around you.

This online webinar is for you if…

 – You are a coach, consultant, creative or technical professional building or maintaining a brand
– Initiating an event, stresses you out and overwhelms you
– You’ve been burned by others in events or are recovering from the inability to ask for help.

Designing a high-engagement, brand-building event can…

– Connect you deeper to those who support you and your brand

– Create opportunities for new clients/customers and more revenue

– Give you the opportunity to impact others

– Be within your current means, practical and efficient, while maintaining creativity

– Allow you to showcase your individuality

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Wednesday, March 22nd 7PM EST

Meet the host

Hey, I'm Na'Chanelle

Na’Chanelle Brown is a certified Digital Event Strategist with 8+ years of industry experience who empowers coaches, consultants, creative and technical professionals in delivering events that engage their audience and grow their brand.

Her events and marketing company Create advocates for planning preparation, systems, and structure that creates peace of mind and freedom from chaos.

With a unique ability to mix her perspectives and strategies from her experiences in Event Planning, Hospitality & Tourism, Public Relations, Recruiting, Marketing, Operations, and Management, she’s been able to use a skillset that supports and actualizes the missions and goals of many projects. After co-curating a sold-out event in support of a woman’s empowerment organization in New York (without ever having visited) remotely from her university dorm room in Georgia—that received dozens of paid workshop facilitation offers and opportunities from educational institutions, non-profit, and private entities alike—it was clear that Na’Chanelle had a potent formula

This marked the beginning of a series of successful collaborations that would catapult Na’Chanelle into this impact driven work. Her focus is now on working with organizations and companies that focus on providing creative, entertainment, advocacy, need-based or educational services for black and brown people globally.

Her ultimate goal is to be able to help businesses understand and benefit from a holistic, 360 view of events and marketing using ever-evolving tech, processes and systems, combined with an authentic, intuitive touch.

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